Rubino Headquarter

Rubino Headquarter

The architects mandate was to redesign and expand the existing premises of the Rubino headquarters, maximizing the luminosity, while promoting synergy and conviviality of spaces.

The functions are arranged on two levels. While the offices run along the windowed façade, the common spaces are grouped in the second day, limited by the warehouses.

The addition of a light well, the use of an openwork privacy screen and the selection of a light color and material palette have thus favored the contribution of natural light.

Inspired by an autumn landscape, the bright colors, ranging from ruby to yellow, complement the green wall.

An open-plan dining room and reading area interact with the glassed-in meeting room.

Like an Italian-style café, an espresso machine graces the monolithic volume, concealing a complete kitchen.

A place that is modular, part dining room, part conference and gathering space.