Lake Ouimet Residence

Lake Ouimet Residence

Designed in 1960 by the architects Bédard Charbonneaux Langlois, this residence is located on the shores of Lake Ouimet in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Nearly 60 years later, the mission of the architects Dupont Blouin was to give a second life to this residence, so that a tri-generational family could meet in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

The patriarch of the family being an epicurean, the kitchen was an essential element in the design of the spaces. He wanted to be able to gather his family around a kitchen that was open to the dining room and living room.

The kitchen is fully glazed towards the lake, and benefits from abundant natural light and a direct relationship with the outside. The built-in storage is generous and concealed to maximize views from the living spaces.

The linear organization gives way to a 24′ long black cambrian granite countertop, integrating all the appliances needed to prepare a meal worthy of a great restaurant.

The cooking station, built into the central island, is equipped with a cauldron faucet to facilitate the preparation of meals. Three stools allow you to accompany the chef and admire the view. At the far end of the kitchen, a breakfast area includes three solid white oak stools that match the finish of the freestanding furniture containing the refrigerator, coffee machine, steam oven and toaster. A table for 16 people allows for gatherings of family and friends.

The design is respectful of the work of previous architects. The materiality of the kitchen matches the existing wooden structure. The slate floor gives a neutral mineral look while the white oak adds strength and warmth.

The whole layout is extremely soothing for the guests, the contribution of light, the elegance of the materiality and the simplicity of the layout become the perfect ingredients to get away from the city.